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makeovers/ re-design

Someone rightly said “The only constant thing in life is "Change". Same is the case with your website every time a user logs on he expects to see something new, we at Einduztry make it a point to change things for better, making things look fresher ensuring professional and elegant outlook. If you already have a website that’s not performing for you, we can help you by taking a long, careful look at the website's design, its purpose, layout, and ease of use. Perhaps your website is a little behind the times, either in its look and feel, or perhaps the layout is just plain ugly. Whatever the design blunder, our website makeover service can help! We can revamp your website into something professional, dynamic, interesting, and effective.

We do this by cascading style sheets (CSS), flash strips, and templates. Technically, Website makeover can be addressed as a renovation, an opportunity to focus on what is best in it and changing to excellent and concenterating on things that need an improvement, according to the user requirements. The idea of re-designing originates from the fact that every time people come to a website in search of something they are looking forward to new, different and catchy look. Re-designing is different from make-over. Make-over is simply refining the old but re-designing is the act of creating a design out of scratch. At Einduztry we aim to completely re-define the entire concept and create design so well sorted out that it hardly needs any more improvement.

We believe in the ideology “Excellence is hard to improve”. Website redesign is nearly always a bad idea because it reflects a project-based management approach. The best websites are not managed simply as projects but rather as processes.A website redesign approach is usually embraced by organizations who are reacting to the fact that their websites have fallen into disrepair. Something is not working and the belief is that a nice redesign, some nice new graphics and colors, and perhaps the purchase of some fancy content management software, will solve it. This approach is papering over the cracks. These are due to lack of resources to professionally manage the website on a day-to-day basis. This can be reduced by continuous testing and evolution. A website redesigns are often pursued by organizations who don't have a web strategy.

Our award winning web design skills will ensure that your window to the world has a suitable design feel for your target audience and will rank in the search engines for your chosen key phrases. You will see the ongoing development of your site online, so any changes can be made early on in the creation stages. We put a lot of time and effort, not only of the aesthetic appearance of your site, but also into the 'behind the scenes' coding. Correct use of META tags, page titles etc. will ensure that your new web site will be visible to the major search engines.